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Who We Are – F2F Meeting with Eric

Key words and references for today’s session:

  • Waste land – Thomas Sterns Elliot

this is a poem with five parts: i, burial of the dead; ii, A game of chess iii, the Fire sermon iv. Death by water v. What the thunder said.

this was mentioned when “what is Art and What is art for” was discussed: traditionalist’s concept believes that fine Arts, such as poetry, music, painting, sculpture, and dance provides a aesthetic experience that involves thinking, feeling free from the humdrum concerns of everyday existence, and other such worthwhile satisfactions.

Though Contemporary art has become a pure thought of itself; theory

  • Arthur Danto: a central theme is mimesis: imitation and representation of the real world; in the 19th century, commitment to mimesis faltered. To see something as art requires something the eye cannot descry – an atmosphere of artistic theory, a knowledge of the history of art: an artworld.

Art as a form of communication

  • Witches sabbath / The Great He-Goat (Goya)
  • Hotel Bedroom ( Lucian Freud)
  • Self Portrait ( Henri Rousseau)

Art as propaganda vs. Art for the sake of Art

  • Pre-modern past: to flority religion or to serve the state: Madonna of the Chair with St. John the Baptiste as Child (Raphael)
  • Wall Painting inside the Mezurashizuka-Kofun, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Yogo: God Appearing
  • Fujin Raijin zu
  • Seosan Maae Samjo Bulsang (Smile of Baekjae)
  • Painting of Dokkaebi (a creature that do pranks on people but also stole money from the filthy rich)

Art as commodity

  • The night watch (Rembrandt)
  • Osen, Kikunojo, Ofuji (Suzuki Harunobu)

Wabi-Sabi, the art of Imperfection



  • QianMu
  • Pierre Bourdieu: Cultural capital