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Objects that resembles research

groupOctopus, it was the object i brought to the class.

To simplify the concept, the core body in the middle has the creature’s eyes and brains;  tentacles are interpreted as the support and the extension of the core.

The idea came from the readings I did for the course. One writes an essay in order to demonstrate a core idea or theory through author’s own observation and thinking, that resembles the head of the creature, big, condensed with a pair of eyes. And the research is done by collecting different areas of data or proof points, this may be extending to all related areas, like in the , the concept and hypothesis is quite abstract and complex, but the supporting proof points covered architecture, film, painting, art piece installation etc. Also the Boris Groys used Platu, encyclopedia or  futurist’s different ways of explore the liberation of words through out the history, and evolved into something Google is currently doing.

the objects from the group include: Octopus framed into a magnifying glass, a comb, a nutshell concept represented by a DVD case and content, broken antique vase(questioning the context that determines the value, eg., AIWEIWEI’s broken piece the Miami exhibition, where do you buy a GUCCI shirt).

Objects from other groups are:

Telegraphic map, Garment (design, fabric, cutting), Dice, Rubic cube (follow some mechanism), Russian Nesting dolls, trowl and size of trowl (unearth something big or niche), bath bomb, wine price investment research, finger-pen, piece of wood, lotus, photography book, detective novel in solving a murder, compass YuanGui, wine glass, silver ring (from raw material to a shape of product), postcard.

Out of these objects that we presented, each group was to choose one of them, and conduct in-depth research and use online platform to collaborate. Final presentation scheduled on March 4th.