Notionas of global and the singunivesal (thierry de Duve)

Notions of mass media an mass migration lead to “a new order of instability in the production of modern subjectives: Appedurai….

Peter Weibels theories on art and globalisation, ZKM, Karlsruhe

Notion of create little cracks in the system. Chantal Mouffe’s concept of Agnostics. (Afredo Jaar)

WE are embeded in the system, we need to transform things foundamentally.

Ms. Frances Maurice (director of tate) coined last week: always told as a young person, little cock in the big system. it doesn’t matter how big is the cock, it matters that … please google


Zygmunt Bauman

Anthony Giddens

Jacues Ranciere

Chantal Mouffe

Edward Said



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