Unit 3 – Assignment

Please write two separate reports of 1,000 words each, (+/- 200 words;
excluding reference list) which critically explore two individually chosen case
studies. One should provide an example of a successful attempt to engage
with local and global challenges, the other one, an, in your opinion,
unsuccessful example. These case studies can be drawn from any cultural
activities and innovative projects (governmental, societal, arts and culture
related) from a commissioning side on the larger scale, or cultural responses
to challenges on a local level (community or individual level). The two reports,
which can include data sets, graphs, images etc., in addition to the 1,000
words text, will be assessed summative.

Demonstrate critical reflection in relation to identifying and interrogating examples of social engagement, using key theories and discourses, and relevant tools and methods (research) :

globalisation – what, how and why etc. Mediascape, technoscape, ethnoscape, ideascape, financesacpe (Appdurai)

  • Migration, urbanisation & identify, representation and /or engagement
  • or ideas from other weeks: sustainability, conflict
  • Forms and drivers of immigrant identity; or representations of the city as local/global.

Define, analyse and critically evaluate the success criteria of models of social and cultural engagement (Analysis)

  • Define success in terms of your case study – what were its aims
  • apply this definition to your case study = what were the outcomes
  • Out reach – did it get an audience?
  • You could have various definitions of success; they may compete

e.g. Cultural activities and/or government response, community or individual response.

  • Community engagement / participation – did the target community participate?
  • Community development / – did the community ‘grow’ / increase cultural capital?
  • Outreach – did it get an audience
  • Inclusion – did it include people/groups that were previously not included?


Case 1: Tedx talk: Successful engaging globalisaiton of idea sharing, technology and media.


Ideas worth spreading

Case II: Stop Phubbing campaign. tackling an issue of the side effect of a global media and technology advance.

Stop phubbing campaign was an idea of a university student in Australia.

Why the ‘Stop Phubbing’ Campaign Is Going Viral

artists Tino Sehgal tate modern turbine hall, the Unilever series. arts that changes our way of talking to each other.


how the modern technology got us more connected and people get more disconnected.

TV: when TV comes, it disrupted the way people communicate.



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