Unit 2 Feedback – B Minus

Assessment on Research: B

Assessment on Subject Knowledge: C

Assessment on Communication and Presentation: C

General Comments:

The topic is interesting but it could be more arts and cultural oriented. You have done some researches on Artificial Intelligence but the effort applying Unit concepts and knowledge is insufficient. It is wonderful to bring up the “new cultural renaissance” but there is no further discussion about it. The second part of your paper (p.2-3) looks a bit descriptive and not focused enough. Try not to use bullet points in an academic essay, too.

The linkage between the second and the third part is a bit weak. For the third part about observation and case studies in the Creative industry, the content is comprehensive with effort in researching concepts. Paragraphs are a big disjointed or incomplete. The two case studies are descriptive in general while showing little integration with the unit’s concepts. The examples of Wikipedia cannot fully explain how has the site been developed itself into a collaborative online platform for stimulating creativity. The case about Grayson Perry is not analytical enough with regard to purpose of this paper and clarity of thought. This paper can be improved with a more focused research topic and systematic presentation of ideas addressing both conceptual and practice aspects of the unit.

Comments from second marker:

You have come up with a great research topic on how the digitalisation process has threatened the concept that only humans can create ideas, which also has its mixed implications to the creative industry development. The literature (both theoretical discussions and industry statistical data) reviewed and empirical researches cited appropriately connect with the research question, although at times they are cited in a rather scattered manner. Further integration of such ideas into her analysis and case studies (Wikipedia and Grayson Perry’s tapestries) would make it more sound and convincing. You should also be critical when using the ideas proposed by various authors/theories, e.g., Florida’s assertion that today’s economy is fundamentally a creative economy may not be essential true.


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