May 6 F2F – Notes

According to David Hesmondhalgh, the core cultural and creative industries include:

  • Broadcasting: radio, television (cable, satellite and digital forms)
  • Film industries
  • Music industries
  • Print and electronic publish
  • Video and computer games
  • Advertising, marketing and public relations
  • Web design

Creation of Symbolic goods, Copy write, intangible

How’s the evolution of Creative and Cultural Industry?  4th of the “Cultural industry” by Hesdmonhal D?

Initially, “Cultural industry” was a word rejected, since it is considered popular art, that differentiate with High art form, like opera.., but then from the revolution of industrialization, Cultural industry becomes more widely used in consumers, and also to further differetiate itself, Creative and Cultural industry was emerged and coined. Example: HK’s CCi.

A good starting point for thinking about long-term historical change in cultural production is provided by Raymond Williams in his book Culture. Adaptiong Williams (1981: 38-56), we can identify three eras in the development of cultural production in Europe, each of them named after the main form of social relations between Symbok, Creator, and wider society prevailing at the time. (Hesmondhalgh, 2010, 66)

Stage One: Patronage and Artisanal

Stage Two: Market professional

Stage Three: Corporate (Complex) professional-


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