Unit 2 Assignment Outlined

Tommy Tse, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Master of Social Sciences in Media, Culture, and Creative Cities Programme (MCCC),
Department of Sociology,
The University of Hong Kong
T: (852) 3917 8532
E: tommyt@hku.hk
A: Room 9.09, 9/F, The Jockey Club Tower,

HKU Centennial Campus, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
W: www.sociodep.hku.hk/html/ppl_teach_tommy.html
Latest publications available at: hku-hk.academia.edu/tommyt

My tentative idea is around “Artificial Intelligence” and it’s role in the future Art World.
Ever since my colleague told me that he was taking AI class aiming to design algorithms that can write songs, I became very intrigued and also a very worried. I welcome the idea of digitisation in the field of Arts and Culture, but then further down the road when it comes to machine producing new stuff autonomously and independently, it actually starts to be a little disturbing.
I would argue machines won’t have creativity, but if creativity is merely a remix of old ideas, ie, copy+transformation+combination, then I am almost certain that one day, machines can generate new ideas/ concepts when they learned enough.
Here’s my very initial plan in putting arguments around this topic:
Possible Name of the Topics: 
1. Artificial Intelligence as their own artist?  or A tool for real artists? or
2. Artificial Intelligence, a threat or an opportunity to the Art world?  or
3. The Rise of the Creative machine – An Indepth look at how Artificial Intelligence makes the Artists of the future.
Initial outline: 
The developing of the “Deep Learning” for machine learning, the recurrent neural network algorithm imitates a human learning process: exposing to enough examples, extracting the regularity, predicting the next move, realizing using computer resources. Examples:
– Project Magenta: Google’s Brain Team’s effort to generate music, video, images and text using machine intelligence
– Movie made screenplay by a AI writer (SunSpring)
– Machine watching film and create files on its own.
– etc.
This increasingly intelligent development, does it pose a big threat to the traditional Art World ecosystem, where the works of art were widely traded, curated, collected, critiqued etc. Do we still need artists? Do we still need all the agents who bring Arts to Life? This is being discussed in the following aspects:
1. Debate on “Whether it is Art”?  Can we view the works by AI as “Arts”? What is “Creativity”?
Traditional definition of Art as a form of communicating and expression.
2. Debate on “Does it change people’s appreciation of Art”?  Does AI Arts have same value as an Art by a “real artist”.
Commercial value and cultural value
3. Debate on the effect of the “Art world” eco-system, what are the impact of the artists and agents (dealers, collectors, critics, etc. )
4. Conclusion and how does the Art sector adapt to this change in the era of “creative machine”
5. Challenges and further questions to be investigated.

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