A New Age of Culture – The Digitisation of Arts and Heritage

Google has commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to conduct a research understanding the digitisation of the Arts and Heritage. It picked 10-11 instituions from each country, and assess from the areas like:

  • website assessment
  • Social Media presence
  • Interactive experience capacity
  • Digital access to archives
  • Digital Education Initiatives

Google_ A New Age of Culture_final


Panel Speaker: – 1. Elaine Eu, National Museum, Singapore

Digital Assets Ecosystem: Collections Management System, Social Table, Mobile App, Website, digitized archives.

2. Alex Gao Future Gallery of Today Art Museum, augmented reality, virtual curator

3. Jeanie Jevelosa: Yuchengco Museum, Makati, rich chinese filipino

4. Jayanta Sengupta: Victoria memorial Hall / Indian Museum Kolkata

5. Winnie Yeung: TaiKwun –  Architecture hired include Herzog De Meuon

Policy, Judiciary and Prison, total 16 buildings, funded by Jocky’s club.





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