Anne Luther – Academic vs. Arts Management

After the visit of Asia Arts Archive, i’m very interested in the visualisation of the key words in their website. And also, just around the same time, I am also tasked to develop the department sharepoint portal, where there are nearly 100 documents with different purposes and categorization. How I wanted to show people a cool stuff like this.

Today’s guest speaker Anne has a very interesting background, she has developed her career in all different fields in arts management, she has a PHD and also developing software using open source platform for data visualisation.

when i check out the, I found they have Dendrogram as one of the examples, and this is exactly what the AAA has used.

It’s interesting that they view this as art form now, because I used to think data is such a boring stuff, and it can be beautifully presented, and can be viewed and appreciated as art.

Below are some additional links that the speaker gave us.

Here are live data visualization project with twitter data:

Google Trend is really interesting in terms of live data:

The art world map that I showed you before the Entity Mapper was made in

This is visualization tool for simple network graphs that you want to make manually or with a csv file. 

Also, Caroline in my group found the link below, that shows statistics of Whatsapp communications pattern, it’s super cool. hope we can use this for the presentation.


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